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Anna VanMatre
Anna VanMatre creates paintings as dimensional as possible
Halis Karakurt
Turkish artist
Clara Graves
All works are one-of-a-kind and are hand painted on silk using special dyes, and/or...
Michael Fenton
My primary goal is to paint stories in a realistic style. I favor optimistic...
Ricardo Carbajal Moss
I am a MINIMAL REALIST artist.
Duilio Fonda
mi pintura intenta rescatar la tradicion pictorica de los grandes maestros del Rio de...
Marta Bartczak
an attempt
Emil Silberman
I was always fascinated by the ability of art to capture an emotion, a thought or a...
Ana Pardo
Yuri Tchary
Printmaker, illustrator and lecturer
michael kleinberg
As a child I couldn't draw and immediately was drawn to the creative outlet of the camera.
Maria Parmo
Acrylics, Mixed Media
Sylvie Poinsot
Expressionist French Artist working in acrilic, ink, pastel
Ira Nemeroff
My images contain both natural and imagined qualities of light and color with creative...
Betty Rubinstein
For me, painting is a way of life. I paint with oil, acrylic and aquarelle in a...