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Martine Cyr
The irresolution of psychic spaces and serves in displacing the balance of the work...
Lenny Shapiro
Transformational Sculpture
Joerg Fraske
" I am a colorist and expressionist; to me, that means that I have a vocabulary of...
Graciela Bello
Argentine contemporary artist
New Art Festival
International Art Festivals and Competitions
Yuri Tchary
Printmaker, illustrator and lecturer
Joann Loftus
I strive to evoke a feeling or emotion in my art. Viewers who closely examine my...
James Justin Brown
Architect, Painter, Poet
Ricardo Carbajal Moss
I am a MINIMAL REALIST artist.
Rudik Petrosyan
Art is born out of great love and sacrifice. It is never enough for me to be completely...
Emil Silberman
Artist Statement I was always fascinated by the ability of art to capture an emotion, a...
Emil Lansky
Photography, Painting and Drawing
Nancy Block
Abstract Expressionist Oil Painiting
Isabel Echevarria
Ilya Zomb