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Liz Lescault
I create organic vessel forms and biomorphic ceramic sculpture in clay. My sculptures...
Amadeo Modigliani
Italian painter and sculptor who is known for portraits and nudes
Alexander Kalnitsky
Painter. Studied with the Vladimir Sterligov group.
Duilio Fonda
mi pintura intenta rescatar la tradicion pictorica de los grandes maestros del Rio de...
Ekaterina Savchenko
I see unity everywhere. Everything is interconnected in an invisible net, a single...
Emil Silberman
I was always fascinated by the ability of art to capture an emotion, a thought or a...
Nancy Block
Abstract Expressionist Oil Painiting
michael kleinberg
As a child I couldn't draw and immediately was drawn to the creative outlet of the camera.
Anna VanMatre
Anna VanMatre creates paintings as dimensional as possible
Maria Parmo
Acrylics, Mixed Media
Joerg Fraske
" I am a colorist and expressionist; to me, that means that I have a vocabulary of...
Emil Lansky
Photography, Painting and Drawing
Susan Knaap
New Art Festival
International Art Festivals and Competitions