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Janusz Obst
I want to express profound happenings in everyday life within the context of the modern...
Luigia Zilli
Alexander Sadoyan
Magdalena Nemesh
Carlos Aquilino
Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
Eduardo Gil
Photography, Video, Mixed Media
Andrew Jackson
Gerard Frances
Gerard Frances was born in 1955 in France . He presently lives and works in Paris and...
Francisco Bustamante Gubbins
Chilean artist
Clara Graves
All works are one-of-a-kind and are hand painted on silk using special dyes, and/or...
Betty Rubinstein
For me, painting is a way of life. I paint with oil, acrylic and aquarelle in a...
Takesi Kobayasi
Richard Mittelstadt
Interests in painting, drawing, watercolor landscapes, photography, art education
Ekaterina Savchenko
I see unity everywhere. Everything is interconnected in an invisible net, a single...
Joann Loftus
I strive to evoke a feeling or emotion in my art. Viewers who closely examine my...