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Gerard Frances
Gerard Frances was born in 1955 in France . He presently lives and works in Paris and...
Forum Gallery
A New York Gallery representing more than thirty contemporary artists and estates.
Michael Fenton
My primary goal is to paint stories in a realistic style. I favor optimistic...
Yadviga Kelly
All my life I was fascinated by the beauty of birds and animals. They inspire my...
Marcelo Martinez Casás
"Life a smile, nature poem, a musical note, a picture and all reflected in the family...
ACL ArtGallery
Cooperative Gallery
Joerg Fraske
" I am a colorist and expressionist; to me, that means that I have a vocabulary of...
Ana Pardo
Maria Sivkova
I started my Art Education at the age of 11 (in 2005) at Novomoskovsk Art Courses for...
Sasha Okun
Helen Laishley
A figurative, narrative painter. The paintings are rich in colour, characterised by...
Sylvie Poinsot
Expressionist French Artist working in acrilic, ink, pastel
igor gorban
Born in 1957 in Odessa, Ukraine.
Silvia Rossi
Lenny Shapiro
Transformational Sculpture